8 Skinny Recipes to Make with Zoodles

What's a zoodle? It's a noodle, but made with zucchini! All you need are a few zucchinis and this peeler! Zoodles are a great low-carb alternative to pasta, whether it's due to a gluten-free diet, carb cutting or you're just trying to sneak the kids more veggies!

First, let's talk about transforming zucchini into zoodles. It's pretty simple, actually! For more information click here, or just watch the video below:

1. Raw Spiraled Noodles with Tomato and Pesto: This is a delicious vegetarian meal made with fresh veggies and pesto! Plus, the zucchini noodles allow you to cut some carbs. It's a great option for a satisfying clean meal. Check out the recipe here.

raw spiralized zucchini noodles
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

2. Pad Thai Zoodles: If you and the family enjoy an Asian flavor, you'll love this low-carb version of pad Thai! Click here for the recipe.

Zoodle Pad Thai

3. Zucchini Noodles with Tomato Sauce: This recipe is perfect for introducing the kids to zoodles. It's simple, delicious and healthy. What else could you ask for? (via Cooking with a Wallflower)

zucchini noodles with tomato sauce
(Photo: Cooking with a Wallflower)

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4. Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Pesto: For a super healthy meal that tastes great, try out this recipe. The avocado pesto tops off your zoodles beautifully, and the tomatoes and chickpeas give it sustenance. (via One Ingredient Chef)

Zucchini Pesto
(Photo: One Ingredient Chef)

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5. Zoodles and Eggs: Does your breakfast need a makeover? This is a great way to change things up! Plus, this recipe is simple and easy to follow, so if you don't have a ton of time in the morning, you can still whip it together and enjoy! (via Balancing Paleo)

zoodles with eggs
(Photo: Balancing Paleo)

6. Spaghetti with Red Wine Sauce: Don't miss out on your favorite dish just because you're cutting out carbs! Use zoodles as a skinny swap so you and the family can enjoy. (via Primal Palate)

spaghetti with red wine sauce
(Photo: Primal Palate)

7. Garlicky Zoodles with Slivered Almonds: Make your zoodles burst with flavor with this garlicky recipe! It's a healthy way to get a flavorful meal; just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards! (via Life Made Full)

garlicy zoodles
(Photo: Life Made Full)

8. Chicken Zoodle Soup: Take your favorite soup and make it skinny! This zoodle version has the same great flavors you crave during the winter. Next time you're fighting a cold, this is the recipe you want. (via The Brewer & The Baker)

chicken zoodle soup
(Photo: The Brewer & The Baker)