6 Skinny Swaps for Mexican Recipes


Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Enchiladas – I think it’s safe to say that we could make any day an excuse for Mexican food! And why wouldn’t we? Mexican cuisine is delicious, colorful, and can be a great way to pack in a nutritious meal for the family full of flavor (check out 50 Finger-Licking Good Mexican Meals). But beware, it can also be a way to over indulge in not-so-healthy options that could wreak havoc on your healthy living south-of-the-border celebration.

Have no fear, because we have compiled a list of easy swaps to make Mexican Night just as delicious as you always remember with a healthy twist that doesn't sacrifice flavor!

Swap the Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt. This simple swap will likely go unnoticed by anyone in the family, but you will be saving a chuck of unnecessary calories and fat.


Swap the Cheese for More Veggies: While low-fat cheese is an option, it also often substitutes added sugar for fat. Try adding a spread of colorful veggies to your taco-topping bar. When the tortilla is full of nutrition-packed veggies, then there leaves only a sprinkle of room for cheese, which should be your last ingredient.


Swap Ground Beef for Ground Turkey: With a little low-sodium taco seasoning, this is another swap that will likely go unnoticed by your taco connoisseurs. This leaner choice still packs the flavor needed for Mexican savor with significantly less fat. Check out Skinny Taco Stuffed Peppers which houses huge flavor and amazing skinny swaps with the lean ground turkey and carb-free "shell".


Swap the Queso for Guacamole: If you’re going to engage in a little pre-fiesta appetizer, mix avocado, lime, chopped onion, a touch of cilantro for a mouth-watering guacamole that offers healthy fat rather than saturated fat like most queso cheese dips.  And consider swapping your tortilla chips for veggie strips. Carrots, celery, and peppers dipped in guacamole are great alternatives to filling up on chips before your meal.



Swap that Margarita for a Skinny Style Margarita: Hold off on the syrups and sugars. There is no need to drink your calories when we have you covered on margarita mayhem – skinny style.


Swap the Shell for a Bowl: Taco shells aren’t mandatory for Mexican night. Consider skipping the shell and loading all of the traditional taco stuffing ingredients in a bowl and create a Taco Bowl. Add herbs like cilantro and parsley to really pack a flavorful punch! Hello, homemade Chipotle!