6 Mouthwatering Watermelon Recipes

You may not know this, but watermelon is a super food, meaning that not only is it packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, it also helps you burn extra calories just by eating it. In addition to being a super food, it's also a super versatile food. From salads to drinks, watermelon is the perfect summertime fruit. Here are six yummy watermelon recipes just in time for summer!

Watermelon Aguas Fresca: The hot summer calls for a cool drink, and this watermelon fresca is summer's perfect match! Packed with flavor and frothy goodness, this delicious drink is perfect for all of your summer dishes. (via The Kitchn)

watermelon fresca
(Photo: The Kitchn)

Watermelon Salad with Cilantro, Radish Sprouts and Cotija: If you're looking for a summer salad with a little bite, than you can't go wrong with this selection. The sweet watermelon and sassy cilantro combo makes this the perfect dish to serve solo or on the side. (via Saveur)

watermelon salad
(Photo: Saveur)

Watermelon Kabobs: Who said the grill is reserved only for meat? There are plenty of fruits you can cook on the grill, and watermelon tops the list! The sweet and tangy mix of watermelon and feta makes these kabobs an amazingly healthy and delicious meal or dessert for the whole family to enjoy. (via Sugar Free Mom)

watermelon kabob
(Photo: Sugar Free Mom)

Watermelon, Mâche, and Pecan Salad: Tired of boring, plain salads? This sweet and savory recipe is sure to be your family's new favorite! Blue cheese, tangy vinaigrette and pecans make this a surprisingly satisfying dish. (via My Recipes)

watermelon salad
(Photo: My Recipes)

Watermelon Martini: There is no better way to end (or begin) a meal than with a delicious drink. While the traditional martini flavor is quite yummy, this amazing watermelon twist certainly takes that taste to a whole new level. Pair with your favorite summer meal, or sip on your back porch as your evening sets with the sun. (via Creative Culinary)

watermelon margarita
(Photo: Creative Culinary)

Easy, Chilled Watermelon Soup: Yes, we know that soup is usually a hot dish, but we promise this soup will not disappoint. Full of flavor and easy to make, it's the perfect addition to your family's favorite meal. (via The Wannabe Chef)

watermelon soup
(Photo: The Wannabe Chef)


Watermelon Fat Flush Water: Everyone loves a bonus, and we've got you covered with this delicious detox water. Add as your everyday drink if you've grown tired of the traditional tap flavor, or use as a detox water to help rid your belly of extra bloat and get that body of yours slim and sexy, just in time for summer!

fat flush water

So if you've been craving a mouthwatering meal, give one of these recipes a try. Whether you bring it to the next barbecue you attend, or serve to family and friends in your own backyard, you'll be sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.