Taking a Pregnancy Test? Expect These 18 Thoughts to Take Over

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The process of getting pregnant is often full of highs and lows. For many women, anxiety and worry increases with the months that go by without signs of a growing baby.

Getting past the two week wait is the first hurdle in the process. During this time between ovulation and when you can take a pregnancy test, you’re always on alert, obsessing over every ping and ache in your body hoping it’s a sign that you’re finally pregnant.

Once test day has finally come, sans period, you enter what feels like the longest few minutes of your life as you wait for the results--and so much goes through your mind. Having hope in the results being positive takes the stakes to the next level. Your brain goes into overdrive. We've come up with 18 (of at least 1,000) thoughts a woman hoping for positive results might have while waiting.

1. I hope I did that right.

2. This is either going to be so awesome or so not.

3. Hurry, I have to get to work.

4. Should I look now?

5. Please have the double line. Please.

6. I’m not ready for this. Am I?!

7. Oh, I have the cutest idea on how to tell my family!

8. I really don’t want to try again next month.

9. There’s no way I'm pregnant. I’m wasting my time.

10. I’m going to read the directions again...just in case.

11. I should have waited until tomorrow.

12. Has it been two minutes yet?

13. My period is probably going to show up like right now.

14. Is that a shadow? Evaporation line?

15. I know this is the month for me. I just know it!

16. I bet the test is broken. I should just look now.

17. This is the longest two minutes in the history of the universe.

18. OH. MY. GOSH!


Life changes the moment those two lines become visible. Two minutes may have felt like a lifetime, but you'll still spend a few extra minutes staring at the plastic strip. Shock and fear might take over, but try to relish in the joy of what's to come.

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