10 Healthy Snacks to Keep Near Your Desk

What you eat before you commute to work, and what you snack on while you're chugging away at the office affects your mood and productivity. Bad eating habits stem from stress, something every hard worker knows too well. Fight off the urge to stick your hand in the office M&M bowl by keeping some of these healthy, protein-filled snacks near your desk! Healthy snacks will provide you with a boost of energy to charge through the finish line of your day.

1. Pistachios: These tiny green nuts pack a powerful punch in the form of tons of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Plus, having to crack them open will slow down your ability to mindlessly snack. Read more about pistachios in our glossary of foods.


2. Hummus: There are many companies that make grab-and-go hummus options for perfectly-portioned snacking. With some carrots or crisps, you've got a snack that will give you a major protein boost. Try our Mediterranean Herb Hummus recipe!

Mediterranean Herb Hummus

>> Recipe: Green Goddess Hummus

3. Raisins: These shriveled up little guys are fat- and cholesterol-free, and contain fructose and glucose sugars that sustain energy levels!


4. Granola bars: These are classic, and most granola bars have less than 200 calories per package (granted that they're not covered in milk chocolate). Choose any with whole-grain oats, and pair it with a yogurt to up the protein count.

granola bars

5. Reduced-sugar fruit snacks: We all love a good fruit chew now and again, but next time you're at the grocery store, choose fruit snacks that boast less sugars than normal gummies.

fruit gummies

6. Dried fruit: It doesn't spoil easily, so dried fruit is the perfect snack to store at your desk. Most dried fruits have a glorious amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is important to note that dried fruits are higher in calories, so you don't need to eat handfuls to sustain your hunger.

>> Not sure what a serving of fruit looks like? Click here.

dried fruit

7. Dry cereal: To get the same crunch we all crave, but not all the calories of potato chips, snack on some dry cereals. Cereals with granola, bran and whole grains are your best bet! Most cereals with these ingredients have a wealth of fiber in them, too.

dry cereal

8. Nut butters: Any nut butter contains a hearty amount of protein and healthy fats. Almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter are all great options to spread on a piece of whole-grain toast. Try not to over-indulge in these butters, as they are still high in fats.

nut butters

9. Coconut water: If you find yourself lacking energy, you might be dehydrated! Coconut water is the perfect replacement for regular water if you want a little flavor in your life, and a burst of electrolytes. Coconut water is rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus.

>> Go coo-coo for coconuts by adding more of them in your life!

coconut water0comments

10. Dark chocolate: Yep, snap off a square of dark chocolate because (in moderation) daily consumption can help boost your immunity, lower blood pressure, and provide relief from stress and depression. Dark chocolate helps enhance the production of endorphins, so you'll feel happier about continuing your workday.

dark chocolate

What are some of your favorite snacks to keep at the office? Share with us in the comments below.

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