Westworld: Arnold's Killer Revealed

If you have been able to magically catch your breath after watching the latest episode of HBO's Westworld, you probably notice that "The Well-Tempered Clavier" was full of shocking reveals.

It was almost too much too take in at once, but like we said before the 9th episode of most HBO series are always a big deal!

In the midst of everything else that was unraveling before our very eyes, we learned a lot more about Dr. Fords original partner and co-creator of Westworld - Arnold.

In fact we learned so much about Arnold, that we are still trying to process all of it.

Most importantly we know who KILLED Arnold - Dolores.

This very fact was alluded to in a previous episode when Dr. Ford met with Dolores alone to ask her if she was hearing voices again.

He also asked her when she last spoke to Arnold, to which she replied with, "34 years 42 days 7 hours ago." Dr. Ford responded with "That's correct Dolores, the day that Arnold died."

Even though this conversation took place and it was revealed that Arnold told Dolores to destroy Westworld before he died, we sort of assumed that Dr. Ford was the killer because of his disdain for Arnold's affection towards the hosts.

(Photo: HBO)

However, in "The Well-Tempered Clavier" Dolores (through a series of flashback and memory sequences) finds the church she has been looking for, sits down in the confessional and descends into the ground, where the old Delos offices are surprisingly located.

She walks down the stairs and into the the room where she has had many conversations with Bernard, sits down in an empty metal chair, and sees Bernard in front of her.

Bernard (as the real human Arnold, not robot Arnold) Arnold, says "Dolores, I've been looking for you!"

Dolores, very upset says, "You told me to follow the maze, that it would bring me joy but all I found is pain and terror."

Arnold kneels down and says "I can't help you, remember. I can't help you why is that Dolores?"

Dolores breaks into tears, "Because you're dead, you're just a memory. Because I killed you."

At that moment Dolores leaves her memories and flashes forward to the present time to find herself sitting in the old empty room alone, where her and Arnold used to meet before she killed him and Dr. Ford remade Arnold into a robot years later, naming him...Bernard.

Knowing that every scene between Dolores and Bernard was actually the real Arnold, he doesn't seem like the type of person to kill himself. He genuinely cared about his work and especially the hosts.

It's possible that Dolores, being a generation 1 host at the time was ordered to kill him.

Either way, we miss a man we never even knew now that we know how tragically his life ended.

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