Watch A 15-Year-Old Michael Phelps Goofily Talk Olympics And Learner's Permits

(YouTube, Steve F)

A video of Michael Phelps at age 15 has started circulating around the internet, and it is glorious.

He kicks off the interview by saying he hasn't even gotten his learner's permit yet, but he is looking forward to getting a car. And with each breath, he gives a lovable laugh in-between and yes, lots of "um's."

After talking swimming specifics, the reporter asks the good question, "How do you live life as a normal teenager?" Phelps calmly answers that he can't really and the Olympics are his prime focus.

Phelps may always be goofy, but we love him for it. Oh yeah, and we've heard he's a pretty good swimmer.


[H/T YouTube, Steve F]