The Man In The High Castle Casts Stephen Root In Title Role

Amazon made waves last year with the debut of the streaming service's historical drama, The Man In The High Castle.

While the entire first season of the show kept said man hidden, presumably in his High Castle, it was revealed that he would become a pivotal part of the show's second season. Earlier today, Amazon confirmed the casting of the title role.

Stephen Root Justified
(Photo: FX)

Stephen Root, of Office Space and NewsRadio fame, will be playing The Man In The High Castle in the show's second season. In addition to the announcement, Amazon released a small clip from the upcoming episodes, featuring Root in his new role.

The Man In The High Castle takes place in an alternate version of the United States, one in which the outcome of World War II didn't go our way. Throughout the first season, clips from that reality, and the one we currently live in, were shown. It was made clear that the man in the castle had recovered video footage from alternate universes, and he has been keeping it locked away. If the videos wound up in the hands of Axis forces, it could spell doom for the people of the world.

In season two, the character will finally interact with the rest of the world. The clip shows Root explaining the existence of the alternate videos.


Stephen Root is a veteran actor in Hollywood, having played small roles in many major movies and television programs. Many will remember him for his hilarious affection for a red stapler in Office Space, or his quirky rage in Dodgeball. The actor has also had major roles in TV shows like Justified, TURN: Washington's Spies, Boardwalk Empire, and NewsRadio.

The first season of The Man In The High Castle is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, and the second season will debut on December 16, 2017.