The Big Bang Theory Recap - The Veracity Elasticity

The episode opens with a new episode of Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Fun with Flags, complete with a new theme song courtesy of Raj and Howard. Amy and Sheldon explain their new living situation to their audience and then jump into an episode about "cohabitating" countries. As Penny, Leonard, and Bernadette watch from Leonard's apartment, Bernadette comments that Amy's apartment has been done for weeks, but that Amy's been lying to Sheldon so they don't stop living together.

After the episode wraps up, Sheldon suggests they go to a Thai place near Amy's apartment, but Amy tries to deflect to another topic. Sheldon seems to notice, but Amy manages to distract him by luring him into a topic about etymology.

bbt flags
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The next day, Sheldon says that he's concerned about Amy, as he feels that she's hiding something. Leonard tells him that Amy's been lying to him, but stresses that it's not a big deal. Howard says that Sheldon should wait to confront Amy about the lie until he's in trouble. When Leonard protests, Howard mentions that Penny has been moving his collectibles into storage a little at a time. As Leonard sits stunned, Howard points out to Sheldon that's how you use someone's lies against them.

Sure enough, when Sheldon and Leonard return to the apartment, they immediately notice all of the things missing from Leonard's room.

As they climb the stairs of the apartment building, Penny catches Amy in a convoluted lie and forces her to confess that she's been lying for weeks. Amy's day gets worse when Sheldon almost immediately confronts her, but Penny covers for her. That confuses Sheldon and Leonard, who then confer in Klingon whether Penny's in on the lie. After Penny and Amy have their own conversation (in their own fake language), both Sheldon and Leonard reveal they know their significant others are lying to them.

After Howard, Bernadette, and Raj walk in, everyone shouts at each other for a moment, but things quickly settle down when Sheldon forgives Amy. Sheldon then says he considers their cohabitation experiment a success and that he's open to living with Amy full-time. Howard points out that if Sheldon leaves, that opens up a room for all of Leonard's things. Sheldon protests for a moment, saying that's "his" room, but everyone yells at him that it wouldn't be his once he moves out.

That night, Sheldon asks Amy if he would move into her apartment, if they would move into Penny's place, or move somewhere else entirely. Sheldon starts to freak out, but Amy soothes him by humming the theme song of Star Trek, and then 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard patch things up and Leonard says she can decorate his room however she'd like. Penny immediately vows to get rid of everything....except for the candle he bought her earlier.

Later that night, Sheldon gets anxious over his room, and heads back to his old apartment to check on his room. However, he discovers that Penny and Leonard has changed it into a sex dungeon....only to wake up from his nightmare.

The next day, Sheldon struggles over whether he should move in with Amy or move back in with Leonard. As he stands between the two apartments, Amy walks up the stairs with dinner. She promises to leave him be, but the two start talking philosophy and Sheldon follows Amy into Penny's (or I guess Sheldon and Amy's) apartment.


The episode ends with Penny showing Leonard their redecorated bedroom. Leonard says he just wants to be happy, but later grabs a few of the decorations and stashes them in Sheldon's apartment.