Seagull Turns Orange After Incident With Chicken Tikka Masala

After falling into a vat of chicken tikka misala, a seagull's entire body was turned into a bright orange color like that of the Indian dish remains into which it fell. On Monday at a food factory bin in Wales, the seagull was scavenging for meat when it fell into a chicken tikka misala waste container turning the white and gray feathers of the seagull into the interesting new hue. The strange event caught the eyes of workers at the food factory and they promptly reported the incident to the proper authorities.

The seagull was soon removed from the vat of chiken tikka misala and later picked up by the Vale Wildlife Hospital. While at the hospital, the bird was given a bath with safe cleaning liquids that returned the seagull's bright orange feathers back to its original colors. Although the seagull was safely cleaned of the orange coloration, the staff was incapable of removing the strong curry smell.

The veterinary nurse at the hospital, Lucy Kells, stated, "He really surprised everyone here - we had never seen anything like it before. He had fallen into a waste vat of curry that was outside, it was chicken tikka masala. The thing that shocked us most was the smell. He smelled amazing, he smelled really good."

Since the photos were posted about the story, the staff at Vale Wildlife have kept the seagull in their possession in order to feed it and give it the proper care it needs.


The Guardian reports the seagull will remain at the Vale Wildlife Hospital for the next coming weeks before being "transferred to an outside aviary to re-waterproof his feathers in the coming weeks before being released into the wild."