Scowling X Factor Judge Simon Cowell Punches Contestant In The Face

X Factor contestant gave a knock-out performance, then Simon Cowell nearly knocked her out.

It was an accident of course, but the 18-year-old Caitlyn Vanbeck still got punched in the face by the scowling judge as she ran in to give him a hug.

(Photo: The Sun)

The unfortunate accident came on the heels of a comment Cowell made towards Vanbeck earlier in the night that many fans mistook as implying she was overweight. So, double whammy on Cowell's end.

Even still, Vanbeck took it all in stride and when someone asked her if she planned on suing, she replied with the perfect response.

"Yeah, maybe," Vanbeck said. "He's got a lot of money."

(Photo: The Sun)

Her are you rooting for in this season's X Factor?

[ H/T The Sun ]