Pokemon GO Is The Biggest Mobile Game In US History


Pokemon GO is putting up record users numbers, to no surprise.

The mobile augmented-reality game has 21 million users in the United States, edging out Candy Crush's 20 million for the title of biggest mobile game.

The other game which were thought to have a shot at the title, Supercell's Clash Royale and Slither.io, can't come close to competing. The info comes from data provided by SurveyMonkey and the graph below shows that the new app is about to top Snapchat.

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Within three days of release, Pokemon GO had pulled in more users than Twitter and rose to the top of the App Store's revenue charts, earning its publisher millions of dollars per day.

The app has capitalized on its target audience brilliantly. The Pokemon franchise has only ever been available on handheld Nintendo devices or Nintendo gaming platforms such as Nintendo 64, Gamecube or Wii. After building its reputation and earning the love of fans for the past 20 years, the publishers released a game on a platform almost everyone has access to in 2016, that being smartphones, for free.


On a steady increase in users since its release, Pokemon GO is a path to possibly overtake popular apps like Snapchat and Maps on Apple devices. The question now is, "how long will the Pokemon GO trend last?" Will it follow the path set by Draw Something in 2012, posting incredible numbers for a couple of weeks before plummeting, or will it have legs and evolve into something that lasts?