'Big Brother' Star's Mom Weighs in on Son's Alleged Racist Stunt

Big Brother contestant Paul Abrahamian shocked and angered fans when he announced on the show that he was planning on dressing in "blackface" to pull a prank on fellow contestant Dominique, a woman of color, later changing the name of his plan to "black mask."

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Abrahamian told other contestants he wanted to dress up in dark clothes to resemble a snake, but the Internet quickly saw through his scheme and called him out for blackface.

According to his mom, however, things aren't what they seem.

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The contestant's mother told TMZ that her son is just trying to poke fun at the snake accusations he's been receiving during his time on the show.

Although she hasn't been able to talk to Abrahamian as he is currently in the Big Brother house, his mom said that her son wouldn't use racist tactics as he is Lebanese-Armenian and has reportedly been called a terrorist and accused of being in the Taliban.

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She added that she wanted to speak out as she has received death threats on social media.


Abrahamian has not yet executed his alleged plan.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @deadskull