‘Super Producer’ Mother Donates More Than a Gallon of Breast Milk a Day

An Oregon community is touting one of its own a hero after the "super producer" mother donates more than a gallon of breast milk a day.

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Inside Edition reports Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, 29, of Beaverton, was diagnosed with a condition that makes her a "super producer" of breast milk, known as "hyper lactation syndrome."

She tells the news agency that she not only overproduces, but she overproduces to an extreme that has her nursing and pumping a lot.

Anderson-Sierra reveals that she produces 225 ounces, or 1.7 gallons, of breast milk a day. However, her own 6-month-old daughter, Sophia, only consumes about 20 ounces a day. With this revelation, she set her sights on helping out by donating to milk banks and local mothers in need.

"Hundreds of mothers received my product," she said. "My milk is going not only to micro-preemies but also to babies locally. It's full circle."

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Since her eldest daughter, Isabella was born, Anderson-Sierra tells Inside Edition that she has donated at least 75,000 ounces of milk, nearly 600 gallons. She shares she was originally inspired to donate milk after Sophia was born premature as she needed donor milk herself.

"Even though I was a producer for my last child, I couldn't even do it for my own daughter," Anderson-Sierra said. "When milk finally came in, I wanted to really make use of it and get that milk out there."

While the constant pumping with her condition makes it uncomfortable at times, the helpful mother says she knows she's making a difference somehow.


"What goes into this labor of love, the time and the wear and tear on the body," she explained. "It's amazing to hear how the people I donate to say our baby is thriving because of your breast milk. It's been wonderful to see these babies grow up."

Photo credit: Facebook / Elisabeth Sierra-Anderson