'Making A Murderer' Fans Discover Evidence That May Prove Steven Avery's Innocence

(Photo: Netflix / 'Making A Murderer')

Netflix hit show 'Making A Murderer' has turned some viewers into extremely passionate and obsessive fans determined to prove Steven Avery is innocent. Some hardcore fans may have even discovered new evidence that could lead drastically impact Avery's case.

After meticulously pouring through every transcript and photo from the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey trials, the dedicated group even managed to find something that was previously missed by the defense in Avery's trial. They noticed something particularly unusual in the analysis of the bone fragments pulled from the fire pit that prosecutors accuse Steven Avery of using to burn murder victim Teresa Halbach's body.

Upon taking a closer look, the 'human' fragments collected included an item with property tag 7955 that was actually a bone that belongs to the carpometacarpus of a bird, according to Uproxx.

(Photo: 'Making A Murderer' Case File)

Avery claimed that the fire pit was routinely used for burning the remains of deer, rodents, and fowls after hunting. The new discovery now begs the question: How many of the other bone fragments that were attributed to Halbach were actually the remains left from burnt animals? Also, how could it be possible that the bone of a bird could remain intact in a fire, yet Teresa Halbach's bones were reduced to small flakes?

During the trial, Avery's defense complained, "It is unclear whether some, all, or none of the fragments had been previously determined by the state's forensic anthropologist to be human or not. In short, the defense has no way of knowing from this cryptic report what was sent to and examined by the FBI Lab."

(Photo: Case File)

Avery was widely assumed guilty after Teresa Halbach's remains were discovered in the fire pit of his backyard, but there is not much science to support that the bones were in fact human.

All of the evidence and DNA results in the case are surrounded by mystery, which is one reason the series has become to intriguing to most viewers. Also, because of all the factual discrepancies, many believe that season two of the documentary will feature Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey being found innocent in Teresa Halbach's murder. Avery's new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, is filing appeals at the end of August, and has said she intends to not only clear Avery and Daseey, but also prove who Halbach's real killer was.


Do you think this evidence is compelling enough to convince a jury that Steven Avery did not kill Teresa Halbach?