HBO's Westworld Recap - Live Updates of "The Adversary"

The episode opens with Maeve waking up in her bed and heading into the saloon. She and Clementine notice a "newcomer" with a rough look to him. Maeve volunteers to "take care" of the guest, but when she gets him in a room, she basically goads the guest into murdering her. Maeve then wakes up in the body shop, where the show left her last season.

Elsie and Bernard discuss last week's revelation, that someone is using the hosts to steal data from the park. Elsie's concerned that, because the host damaged itself, it would be impossible to trace who was stealing the information, but Bernard says he can use the old system (located in the lower levels of the headquarters) to cross-check where the malfunctioning host was. However, when Bernard heads down to the lower levels to check, he discovers that there's five other hosts running around the park that aren't linked up to the park's current system.

adversary westworld

Ford and a team of employees walk into Lawrence's old home town. Although the employee says they'll need to demolish the town for a planned canyon (part of Ford's new storyline), Ford says they've disrupted the park enough and says to stop the canyon just short of the town. As he leaves, he looks knowingly at a carving of the maze symbol. When he returns to his office, he pulls out a notebook and looks at a sketch of the maze's symbol.

The Man in Black and Teddy ride into Pariah, but the town has been cut off by rebels. As they walk, Teddy explains some of the mythology of the maze. Apparently, there's a man who's been killed countless times at its center, who built the maze so people would stop killing him.

Felix explains to Maeve that she's a host who was programmed to act a certain way by the engineers. Maeve asks the employee if he's real, as she can't tell the difference between herself and a real live person. To prove his point, he pairs his handheld device and shows Maeve her thoughts in real time, which ultimately causes her to shut down.

Cullen calls Ford into his office and says that they need to stop sleeping together, as Ford knows about their affair. He protests, but she points out that he can't be impartial (especially not towards Ford) and then tells him to leave.

Felix manages to restart Maeve, and she immediately asks to see the other parts of the building. He takes her through the body shop, where new hosts are made, and then upstairs into the programming wing of the building, where hosts are being programmed to fight, eat, and have sex. Before Maeve agrees to head back to the body shop, she watches a promotional commercial for Westworld, telling her to live without limits. Towards the end of the clip, she sees a clip of her with her daughter from one of her past lives.

Back in the body shop, Maeve asks how they had "her dreams", so he explains how they often reprogram hosts for new roles. Slyvester comes in and threatens to snitch on his friend for dressing up Maeve, but Maeve quickly threatens him with a scalpel and majorly freaks him out.

Cullen finds Lee at the pool and tells him that he needs to clean up all the continuity errors from Ford's recent activities in the park. Lee, however, is still mad that his narrative was scrapped and threatens to quit. Cullen placates Lee by reminding him that if Ford's new narrative fails, the board will need a replacement.

The Man in Black and Teddy come upon a camp of Union soldiers and infiltrate it looking for clues about Wyatt. Sure enough, Teddy recognizes Wyatt's handiwork among the carnage, but he's recognized by some of the soldiers. Teddy shoots some of the soldiers, but both of them are quickly overwhelmed by the rest of the camp.

Lee hits on one of the guests (Tessa Thompson) at the bar, and he promptly starts blabbing about the politics of the park. However, the bartender cuts Lee off on Cullen's commands.

Elsie comes into Bernard's room and says she's close to finding the saboteur. As Elsie brags about how corporate will reward her, she offhandedly mentions that Cullen will almost definitely get fired.

Bernard discovers that the unknown hosts are all in a sector marked "off-limits" for future narrative use, but that no one has visited that area recently. When he visits the sector, he finds a cottage with the hosts...including the young boy Ford had spoken to earlier. One of the hosts attacks Bernard, but Ford walks in and stops the hosts in their track. Turns out, these hosts are original models built by Arnold and based on Ford's childhood memories. Bernard is a bit disturbed, but it's clear that these aren't linked to the sabotage.

Lee causes a disturbance by peeing all over the command center, but instead of firing him, Cullen introduces Lee to Charlotte Hale (the guest Lee hit on earlier), a member of the board who has arrived to oversee certain "transitions" in leadership.

Bernard requests a list of all the hosts originally created by Arnold in an attempt to get to the bottom of their saboteur.

The soldiers try to brand Teddy (with the maze symbol) for his role in Wyatt's massacres, but Teddy breaks free and ends up mowing down the entire camp with a gatling gun. Teddy also has a flashback that confirms he used to work alongside Wyatt.

Elsie tells Bernard that the satellite is a Devos satellite and that the voices the hosts have been hearing was caused by a boadcast inside the park. She heads to an abandoned theater inside the park to find the source of the transmission.

Ford finds his younger host counterpart and says he wants to play fetch with the dog host. However, the robot boy shows Ford the dog's body, dead with blood pouring from its mouth.

Elsie finds the transmitter in the theater and pulls up a list of previous users.

Meanwhile, Bernard visits Cullen and was about to tell her about his suspicions about Ford, but Elsie calls her and says that Cullen is actually the saboteur. Elsie also warns that something "bigger" is going on in the park, but Bernard says he'll have to call her back.

Maeve, Felix, and Sylvester go over Maeve's personality matrix, and Maeve wants to make some changes to her own personality. Sylvester protests at first, but Maeve functionally blackmails him into complying.

Bernard calls Elsie back, and Elsie says that someone else has accessed the older hosts and changed their prime directives. She suspects it's Arnold.

Ford asks his younger host how the dog died, and the host reluctantly admits that Arnold's voice told him to do it. Arnold told the boy that if the dog died, "it couldn't hurt anything anymore."

Elsie makes some sort of discovery in the data pulled from the transmitter, but she's grabbed from behind by an unknown party.

The body shop employees discover that someone else has been altering Maeve's code, but Maeve convinces them to make changes to her anyways. They up Maeve's levels of perception to its maximum level. After a brief moment, she gasps and turns to the body shop workers and says they're going to have some fun.



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