Game of Thrones: Will Jon Snow be the New Lord of the Dead?


Before I jump right into the nitty gritty of this article, I'm going to throw out a nice big spoiler warning for those who have not caught up with Game of Thrones, along with a spoiler from the book series. With that being said, Jon Snow is dead. With the season five finale, the Night's Watch, the group of castaways, thieves and murderers bound to protect "the wall", turned their swords on their once ally Jon Snow. Jon had done unthinkable and struck a peace treaty with the "Wildlings", a group of nomadic warriors living beyond the wall. Once bitter enemies, Jon saw the need for all of the living to unite under a common flag to fight against the insurmountable forces of the dead: The White Walkers. With so many of their friends killed by the Wildlings, the Night's Watch so no other alternative than to kill Jon, stopping the potential union.

Well obviously since Jon is dead, becoming the Lord of the White Walkers should be right up his alley at this point! Snow is a born leader, ascending the ranks of the Night's Watch pretty quickly all things considered. Well ok it was mostly because Night's Watch members were dying by the truckload but still! Encountering the Night's King, the current leader of the White Walkers, during last season revealed that the King has a fascination with Jon Snow, the zombie overlord seemed fascinated with Snow. At one point, as Snow escaped the onslaught of undead, the Night's King stared at him from across the water, raising his army behind him. The Night's King's obsession with Jon would make sense for any number of reasons, but the idea that he's searching for either his replacement or a new king of the White Walkers would also make sense here.


But you may be wondering if Jon Snow is actually dead, considering Kit Harrington has been seen around the set of Game of Thrones during the filming of their sixth season. Well, this theory kills two birds with one stone in having Kit still be a part of the show, albeit in an entirely new and terrifying way. I just can't accept that Snow's part in the series is over and there's a lot of evidence saying otherwise. Not to mention, seeing Jon Snow as unstoppable "zombie king" would make for some exciting television.

Now, onto the book spoilers! The show is desperately in need of an undead Stark to keep pace with the book and Jon would make for a good addition. In the books, Catelyn Stark actually roams the earth following her death as an otherworldly assassin, killing those who wronged her under the new title of "Lady Stoneheart". While Stoneheart has yet to make an appearance in the television series, Jon would make for a good replacement if she were to never show up or if her splash onto the scene were simply delayed.

Jon Snow has been one of the stalwart members of the cast, one of the characters that the audience really rooted for as so many others were killed or cast to the side. Having Jon appear as an enemy to the living would make for a great twist.

What do you all think? Is Jon destined for a kingdom of the living dead or is he simply worm food?