Game Of Thrones Stars Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Post Extra Cozy And Close Pic

Arya and Sansa Stark have been through a lot on Game of Thrones, and even they don't often share much screen time, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have clearly formed a sister-like bond. Maybe it's because they don't get to share many scenes together that they make up for it in their off time, but the pair are often seen together having a great time and commemorated their friendship with matching tattoos. Williams recently took to Instagram to document their friendship.

there were never such devoted sisters

A photo posted by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on

The photo was taken at the BAFTA's Awards Season Tea Party in Los Angeles and it's obvious how much these two enjoy spending time together, getting close and goofy with one another. Possibly because we see Arya and Sansa go through so much awful stuff on Game of Thrones that we can be glad that the actresses' personal lives are much more fun than anything depicted on screen.

Here's hoping we get to see their chemistry together when Season 7 of Game of Thrones airs on HBO later this year!

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