FX Officially Orders A Pilot For Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off Series Mayans MC

The wait is finally over! Fans of the Sons Of Anarchy franchise have been desperately awaiting an official word on the potential Mayans MC spin-off series, and FX has finally released some information.

The network, which hosted Sons Of Anarchy, has ordered a pilot episode for Mayans MC, and has said the show will begin shooting in March.

The Mayans MC project has been in talks for quite awhile, but FX has decided to officially pull the trigger. On Thursday morning, the network sent out a press release announcing the order of a Mayans MC pilot.

The pilot episode has been written by Elgin James, who will also serve as the main showrunner for the series. Kurt Sutter, who created the original series, is tapped to produce the new spin-off. Sutter will also direct the pilot episode, as he did for eight episodes of Sons Of Anarchy, as well as one episode of his previous series, The Shield.

This production team has been collaborating for quite a while on this project, and it's likely that the pilot script has already been completed.

The release says that Mayans MC will follow the story of one of the club prospects as he tries to rise through the ranks. Instead of taking place in Northern California, like Sons Of Anarchy, Mayans MC will revolve around a charter along the California/Mexico border.

Filming will begin in March, and will occur in Los Angeles, California.


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(Photo: FX)