Former Playboy Model Pamela Anderson Branded A ‘Hypocrite' For Telling People To Stop Watching Porn

This Morning viewers were not impressed after Pamela Anderson, a former Playboy model and Baywatch star, urged the world to stop watching pornography.

Anderson, who has also had a sex tape leaked, is worried pornography viewers are becoming desensitized to sex.

(Photo: Speakers Corner)

"The sexual revolution was a great thing but it also gave us really bad sex," Anderson said. "Because in the age of technology there's so much access. People are becoming desensitized. The images get weirder and stronger. I have two children and it's worrisome."

The Twittersphere exploded after Anderson's plea for abstinence from pornography. While some thanked her for raising the issue, most branded her a hypocrite.

However, Anderson went to on to explain she realized it might seem odd she's talking about the subject.

"I know I'm probably the problem so I should have discounted myself," Anderson admitted, before saying she had been in relationship where she had been treated badly in the bedroom. "I never want that to happen again."

Anderson confessed she does regret some of her past choices, but believes her experience gives her a unique perspective on the matter.

"I have some regret, I feel great that I have this perspective and I have a little bit of authority and I have always been treated as an object in a sexual relationship," Anderson said.

Ultimately, Anderson believes abstaining from pornography can lead to better sex.

"We are talking about having intimacy," Anderson said. "We want better sex."


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