Disney Paints The Sky Christmas With Hundreds Of Drones

Drones are for more than just taking epic photos from way up in the air. No, they're also for creating beautiful, choreographed Christmas scenes. Just ask Disney.

Disney World's nightly fireworks show will soon be supplemented with hundreds of LED-lit drones, creating mammoth, airborne portraits of swirling christmas trees, doves and more. It is, in a word, amazing.

Approximately 300 drones take to the air, flying as a swarm and controlled by a single operator who pushes and prods them into place to create three-dimensional artwork.

It's called the Shooting Star, and is the latest project in Intel's quest to create hives of drones. The tech company envisions a future where a swarm of drones fly in unison to complete tasks, much like Disney is doing.

"Our drones, together with Disney's expertise in animation as well as storytelling, and the music score, together make what we think is going to be a groundbreaking for of entertainment," said Josh Walden, general manager of Intel's New Technology Group.

While Shooting Star only utilizes 300 drones, the software that powers their movements can support up to 10,000 drones. Imagine that - 10,000 LED-lit drones filling the sky to create airborne portraits of Christmas.

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Maybe next year.

[ H/T Wired ]