Disney Reportedly Offering Free Rooms After Alligator Attack At Resort


In the wake of the alligator attack that claimed a toddler's life at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Disney has compensated many of the hotel's guests with free rooms. The hotel has 867 total rooms averaging $560 per night, which may cost Disney upwards of half a million, according to TMZ.

The move might have been a frantic adjustment in order to stay in the good graces of the hotel's guests as the property was virtually on lock down since the child's disappearance on Tuesday night. At the Seven Seas Lagoon of the resort where the boy was dragged under water by the alligator, there were signs posted demanding "no swimming" but nothing on the signage to suggest the presence of alligators. The sheriff's department as well as the state wildlife agency are investigating into the issue of the signage and whether Disney could have done a better job at preventing a tragedy of this kind.

The toddler, Lane Graves' body was found after 16 hours of searching on Wednesday afternoon by a team of divers near the spot where the boy was last seen. Authorities reported that the alligator snatched the boy, dragged him into the water and then drowned him. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings stated, "Of course the family was distraught, but I also believe somewhat relieved that his body was found somewhat intact."


After reviewing the case, Demings also mentioned that charges will be unlikely for the parents of the toddler and that there was no indication of negligence.