Toddler's Body Recovered After Gator Attack at Disney Resort in Orlando


The two-year-old boy that went missing at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa after being pulled under water by an alligator has been found dead. After being presumed dead earlier by the police, the body has been found according to CNN.

The toddler was missing for 15 hours when Orange County Sherriff Jerry Demings announced that the effort had become a "recovery effort" as it would not be possible for the boy to have survived that long. The authorities were now able to find the remains of the boy's body.

The boy was found near the Walt Disney hotel around 4 p.m. eastern.

An alligator snatched the boy when he was wading in the lagoon at the Disney Grand Florida Resort and Spa. The boy's father attempted to save him from the gator but was unsuccessful. The tragic accident occurred around 9:15 last night when the authorities first received the call reporting what happened.

The authorities used boats, sonar, and helicopters in their search for the boy in addition to Disney's wildlife crew doing their best to aid in the situation.


More than 50 officials were searching for the boy, and Florida Governor Rick Scott even offered his services wanting to help the search in any way.

Disney has mentioned that they are devastated by the event and nothing like this has ever happened in the company's 45 year history.