Adam Lambert Shares First Look At His 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Character

Eddie. #rockyhorrorpictureshow

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On Wednesday afternoon, pop star Adam Lambert shared with his fans on Instagram the first look at his costume for his role in the upcoming remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 34-year-old "Ghost Town" singer will be taking on the role of Eddie Ex, formerly portrayed by Meat Loaf in the 1975 musical.

The former American Idol contestant looks to be in full Elvis mode in this first teaser look, that is, if the King of Rock were ever covered in tattoos and sporting a dog collar. Lambert's character Eddie is the ill-fated, biker ex-lover of Dr. Frank N. Furter and looks someone who is not to be trifled with from the angry scowl Lambert is sporting in the photo.

The new Rocky Horror Picture Show will be starring actress and advocate Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank N. Furter. The original actor cast as Frank N. Furter, Tim Curry, will be taking on the role of The Narrator in the Fox remake version, according to EW. Also joining the cast are actresses Victoria Justice and Christina Milian.

The remake project will be under the direction of three-time Emmy winner Kenny Ortega (High School Musical), and will debut on Fox on October 22.

Check out the trailer below that Fox released in July and prepare yourself to do the Time Warp again!


Are you looking forward to watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fox starring Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert in October?