Tyler Hubbard Says Florida Georgia Line's Solo Projects Will Be a 'Season of Growth'

Florida Georgia Line is currently preparing to release their fifth album, Life Rolls On, on Friday, Feb. 12, but duo members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are planning to follow the project with some solo projects. During an appearance on Tim McGraw's Beyond The Influence Radio on Apple Music Country, Hubbard opened up about Florida Georgia Line's upcoming hiatus, explaining that he sees it as an opportunity for growth for both himself and Kelley that will only make their duo stronger when the reunite.

"I was just with BK yesterday and we were doing a photo shoot and doing some press for the new record, and there's just a freedom that feels, what's the word, it's just exhilarating, man, on both sides," he shared. "And something about that really channels creativity. And so, now we're getting to experience a really cool wave of creativity on our own and grow that and nurture that and be supportive of each other. And then, yeah, it feels like it's only going to make us stronger and able to grow outside of our typical boundary that we've set, our FGL box that we've built for ourselves over the last decade. We were always a package deal. And so with that, comes moments where you can't quite grow on both sides. And so I think this season of growth for both of us is going to be amazing, and it already has been amazing. And I already sense a rebirth. It's been really cool."

McGraw noted that he and wife Faith Hill, who have toured and recorded together, have experienced a similar situation to Hubbard and Kelley. "My wife and I've done three or four tours together, made albums together, and then we go our separate ways and do our own work," he said. "Perhaps the media and the outside world's a big deal, but to us in the industry, we know that that that's what creatives do. Joe Walsh is a great example of that. He's been able to maintain a solo career and a career with the Eagles for all these years. And what he told me is that he feels fulfilled as a musician being able to do this, and not only that, and the two avenues compliment each other."

Hubbard and Kelley first announced in early January that they will be taking time to pursue solo projects, though they did not confirm when that time will start. "This year has been crazy wild, and I think there’s nothing more important for both of us, and everybody listening, to honor your life’s calling, honor your creativity when the timing’s right," Kelley explained in a Zoom message shared with fans. Hubbard added that he and Kelley are "really really excited" about each others' individual projects. "Both of us, on both sides, getting to support each other through that," he said.