Florida Georgia Line Hints They May Pursue Solo Projects in the Future

Florida Georgia Line members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are currently preparing to release their fifth studio album as a duo, but when it comes to their next project, they aren't so sure. During a Zoom message to fans sharing their plans for 2021, Hubbard and Kelley first announced that they hope to tour this year and possibly open a new restaurant before revealing that they will likely pursue solo endeavors in the future.

Kelley explained that he has been spending time "soul searching" and ended up "falling in love with my guitar, and writing songs again even more than ever." "I know nobody knows this probably, but me and you have had conversations three or four years ago, and this has kind of been a lifelong dream of mine," he continued. "I kind of feel like I started writing an album once I started writing again in August and had a couple songs that I started writing that I just felt like, 'Maybe I'm supposed to sing these and have a project, or you know, an outlet for these to come out on.'"

He shared that he and Hubbard had previously discussed such a detour "but the timing wasn't right." "This year has been crazy wild, and I think there's nothing more important for both of us, and everybody listening, to honor your life's calling, honor your creativity when the timing's right," he said.

The pair confirmed that solo work doesn't mean the end of Florida Georgia Line, rather that they will pursue opportunities outside of the duo should the chance arise. Hubbard shared that he and Kelley are "really really excited" about each others' individual projects. "Both of us, on both sides, getting to support each other through that," he said, later adding, "We're gonna still do stuff together. We're gonna obviously be on tour and we're going to be singing all of the hits you guys love and trying to create more. But in the meantime, it's a beautiful time to be in a place, like BK said, to be able to venture out and to have a voice of our own and have individuality a little bit."


In their caption, the duo wrote that their video was "from our hearts to our fans." "We love our fans and want to share with you guys everything we are working on and excited about for 2021," they wrote. "We want y'all to continue to be a part of our journey and really appreciate all the love and support over the years. We have the best fans in the world which makes it easy to continue making music for y'all and playing shows. Here's to 2021 being the BEST YEAR YET. Let's gooooo. See y'all on the road and we've never been more excited." Florida Georgia Line's fifth studio album, Life Rolls On, will be released on Feb. 12.