Tyler Hubbard's Daughter, Jason Aldean's Son Take the Toddler Temptation Challenge

Several country stars have put their children to the test with the viral toddler temptation challenge this week, and Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard's 2-year-old daughter Olivia was up to the task. On Sunday, Olivia's mom, Hayley Hubbard, posted a video of her daughter participating in the challenge, which involves parents sitting their kids in front of a sweet treat and telling them they can only eat it if they wait until the parent has come back into the room.

Olivia's dessert of choice was a pile of chocolate chips, which Hayley set down on a table in the toddler's room. While her mom was gone, Olivia stared at the little pile for a moment before whispering to all of her toys, including "Dolly," "Pig" and "Kitty Cat" that she had "chocolate chips." When her mom came back and told her she was allowed to eat the treat, Olivia stuffed nearly the whole handful in her mouth before finishing the rest. "I'm gonna wash my hands," she declared before showing Hayley her chocolate-covered teeth. "We finally tried the #toddlerchallenge with Liv," Hayley's caption read. "I love everything about this, especially how she reminds me of her dad at the end!"

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Jason Aldean's 2-year-old son Memphis was also an unknowing participant in the challenge thanks to his mom, Brittany Aldean. Over the weekend, Brittany shared a clip of her son sitting at the kitchen counter of the family's Florida home, asking his mom for a treat. "You wanna get a treat, buddy?" she asked him, placing a white plate with a chocolate-frosted donut on the table as Memphis exclaimed, "Oh my!" "Hold on, though! Don't touch it!" Brittany said, telling her son that he can have the donut if he's able to wait until she is back in the room. Once she left, Memphis concentrated hard on the donut for several moments before looking around to make sure no one was there, at which point he picked off one sprinkle and ate it seconds before Brittany returned.

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"We did the #toddlertemptationchallege‼️" her caption read. "MY BABYYYY." Some other famous kids have taken part in the challenge, including Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi, Gabrielle Union's daughter, Kaavia, and Jessie James Decker's younger son, Forrest.