Thomas Rhett's Daughter Ada James Takes the Toddler Challenge: 'So Berry Patient'

Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, is the latest parent to give their child the toddler challenge, putting daughter Ada James to the test in a new Instagram video. The viral challenge involves parents putting their kids in a room in front of a sweet treat and testing their patients, telling the child that they can only have whatever is on the table when their mom or dad comes back into the room. For Ada's challenge, her mom set out a bowl of what looks like jelly beans, sitting her 2-year-old down as Ada James delightedly gasps at the sight of the colorful candies.

"Here's the deal — I'm gonna go potty really fast, okay? When I come back, you can have them. Okay? But don't touch them, you can't touch them until I get back, okay? You have to be so patient. Okay?" Akins tells her to daughter who replies, "So very patient." After Akins left the room, Ada James excitedly exclaims to herself again before blowing on the bowl. After staring at it for a few minutes, she pushed the place mat away from her, saying, "Very patient. Come over here candy," before pulling the bowl back over. After a few more moments during which Ada James tentatively touches the side of the bowl, Akins comes back in, asking her daughter if she ate any. Ada James shook her head and began eating the jellybeans after her mom gave her the okay.

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"Ada James being so BERY patient," Akins captioned the clip. "After pool hair, ballet outfit & #toddlerchallenge #soBERYpatient." Akins and Rhett have been quarantining with their three daughters, Ada, 4-year-old Willa Gray and 3-month-old Lennon Love, as well as several family members, and Rhett recently told Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show that his family has been relying on Disney's streaming service, Disney+.


"We're making the best of it for sure," he said. "We're getting really creative with the girls and trying to figure out new ways to have fun... A lot of Disney+ happening in our house." Clarkson, a mom to 5-year-old daughter River and 4-year-old son Remington, said her kids also love the streaming service. "I've had to take their iPad away... they are just going nuts right now," she said, asking how Rhett's daughters were doing. They're going pretty crazy," Rhett joked back. "Our kids, with the iPad, they get on YouTube and they go down the wormhole of the kid videos. I start looking and I'm like, 'What are you even watching? No more iPad. This is not gonna work.'"