Thomas Rhett Talks New Campaign With First-Ever Commercial (Exclusive)

Country music superstar Thomas Rhett has partnered up with Fritos for their new "Down for Everything" campaign and hitting a milestone at that with the company. While it is Fritos' first commercial in nearly two decades, it is also the singer-songwriter's first commercial ever. In an exclusive interview with to chat about the campaign and his new album, Rhett opened up about teaming up with Fritos, saying that he loves the snack so much that he "can eat them nonstop," later teasing, "which may be kind of a problem." 

"This is actually my first commercial I've ever gotten to do and also Fritos first commercial in 20 years, which is nuts. So the fact that they asked me to do that, I was very honored," he told PopCulture. "It was a really fun process, and I feel like both brand alignments really matched up with kind of what I already do on a daily basis. I love to be outside. I love to hike. I love to fish. I love to camp. And a lot of this commercial was a lot of that. And it was just a really cool team to work with and already a brand that is consistent in my household."

Reflecting on how long he's been a fan of Fritos, Rhett shared, "I think the original makes me extremely nostalgic. Like I don't know if your grandparents did this, my grandparents would always make chili and or Frito pie. And when they would make chili, they would crumble up the original Fritos and just like sprinkle them on top of the chili. And so like when I got approached to do this, I was like, absolutely, because this is literally part of my childhood." He then explained, "But today as a 31-year-old, man the honey barbecue twists are my go-to."


Rhett also joked that partnering with Fritos has helped bring him closer to his eldest daughter. "Ever since I had done this campaign with Fritos, we have like a lot of Fritos now, and we have like a lot of like every flavor of Fritos," he said. "So like Willa Gray loves spice like just as much as I do, my other kids don't love spice. And so when they came out with the new spicy one, like me and Willa Gray just kind of snuck down to the basement and just started eating chips together and watching Disney movies. It was pretty awesome."