Thomas Rhett Is Taking Notes From Rapper Drake for Future Shows

Thomas Rhett might be country music's reigning star, but he is still influenced by music from other genres, including rapper and hip hop artist, Drake. After attending a Drake concert with one of his producers, Rhett revealed he learned plenty, which he hopes to use for his own shows in the future.

"I was in his ear the entire night going, 'We should try that. We need to do that. That probably cost a half million dollars a night. We can’t do that,'" Rhett recalled. "I love more than anything going to shows of people that I feel like continually, year by year, set the bar. You go to those shows not only to have a blast but to learn, because those are the people that are the trendsetters and the people that every year, when they open an awards show, it’s going to be the sickest thing you’ve ever seen.

"And going to Drake, it was really, really neat to watch all the chances and risks he took as far as production goes," he continued. "And the merch – you learn so much from going to a lot of different shows.”

Rhett just released his second single, "Remember You Young," from his upcoming Center Point Road album.

"This song is about the moments with loved ones solidified in my mind forever," Rhett shared on social media, speaking about the pensive tune. "What my eyes will see even when we’re grandparents to our babies’ babies. Remember You Young.'"

Rhett will kick off the Canadian leg of his Life Changes Tour 2019 this week, and then immediately launch his Very Hot Summer Tour. With both runs, the singer promises fans will have plenty to keep them entertained, besides just the music.

"So much of that is production, and letting fans see something that hopefully they have never seen before,” Rhett previously promised to CMT's Cody Alan. “We work with a great team who really helps us to be as progressive as we can be with our production. Our music director helps us rearrange our songs and set lists.

“Eye candy," he continued. "How do you make that show something you can’t take your eyes off of? We go into rehearsal in March and rehearse for about a month and get on the road in April.”


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Photo Credit: Getty/ Tim Mosenfelder