Thomas Rhett Releases 'Remember You Young' From 'Center Point Road'

Thomas Rhett's latest single, "Remember You Young," is out! The song is from his upcoming Center Point Road record, which will be released on May 31.

Rhett has been teasing the nostalgic song, which says, "And no matter how much time goes by / And no matter how much we grow up / For worse or for better / From now 'til forever / I'll always remember you young," for the last few days.

"Hey buddies that I grew up with / All straight-laced and married up now / You ain't foolin' me, wasn't long ago we / Tore the roof off that one red light town," Rhett captioned the first post, showing photos of Rhett with his friends in his younger days.

Later, Rhett shared another post, this time with his wife, Lauren Akins, along with the lines, "And hey darlin', sippin' that red wine / All classy, kicked back on the couch / You smile and I see ya shootin' tequila / Us shuttin' them college bars down."

Rhett's Center Point Road is the singer's look back at his own idyllic childhood.

"For me, Center Point Road really symbolizes what it was like to grow up in Hendersonville," Rhett said of the record, referring to his Tennessee hometown. "First dates, first football games, first heartbreak, first kisses, success and failures. I really feel like that road shaped who I am today, and it felt fitting because the record, for the most part, is pretty nostalgic.

"Songs like 'Almost,' 'That Old Truck' and especially 'Center Point Road,' really describe who I was as a kid and teenager," he added, "and who I've become as an adult."

Rhett's first single from Center Point Road, "Look What God Gave Her," was written, like most of his music, about Akins.

"Those are always the ones that stand out in my mind," Rhett shared with and other media. "Songs that grab your brain, melodically. Songs that give you a sweet sentiment. I knew that if I could hop onto the second verse, and add a bridge to it, then I knew that I could make it about my lovely wife. I've had a little bit of success writing love songs, so I thought that we should do one more."

Rhett will soon hit the road for the Canadian run of his Life Changes Tour, and will then kick off his Very Hot Summer Tour. Find dates, and pre-order Center Point Road at


Photo Credit: Getty / Denise Truscello