Watch Thomas Rhett Perform 'Remember You Young' on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Thomas Rhett took his current single, "Remember You Young," to late night TV, performing the song on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The song is from Rhett's recently-released Center Point Road record.

Rhett wrote "Remember You Young," like he does many of his songs, about his wife, Lauren Akins.

"‘Remember You Young,’ is a song that’s really just about envisioning all your favorite people in your life in their prime, if you will," Rhett previously explained. "And that prime could mean a lot of different things. But for me like looking at my best friends today, in our almost thirties with kids and married, I will always see them as dumb high school kids. And I hope they see me the same.

"My wife, I’ve known her since she was little, but I will always envision Lauren in high school as well, working on floats at homecoming," he continued. "I think that’s how I’ll always see my wife. And my babies, no matter how old they get, I’ll always see them at three and one for some reason.”

Rhett just announced that the video for "Remember You Young" will be released on Friday, Sept. 20, offering fans a sneak peek on social media.

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"'Remember You Young' video this Friday," Rhett posted. "[CMT] is sharing it with y’all first at 12pm ET in Times Square & we’ll be hanging/chatting on [YouTube] for it all!"

"Remember You Young" follows Rhett's previous No. 1 hit, "Look What God Gave Her," part of the personal Center Point Road record that Rhett was proud to share with his fans.

"I never in a million years thought I'd be writing records like I am now," Rhett told and other media "After my first record, there weren't many songs that were about much personal about me, because I didn't know that it was okay to do that. It really wasn't until about 'Die a Happy Man,' and I was still nervous to put that song out.

"When I saw what it did, it really opened a lot of doors to say like, 'Hey, maybe if I do write personally then this will react and really resonate with a lot of people out there.'"


Download or stream "Remember You Young," and find tour dates, at his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder