Thomas Rhett Launches New Tequila Brand With Cousin Jeff Worn

Thomas Rhett is the latest country artist to expand into the alcohol business, launching Dos Primos Tequila alongside his cousin, pecan magnate Jeff Worn. Spanish for "Two Cousins," Dos Primos is an ultra-premium blanco tequila made from hand-harvested 100% Blue Agave sourced from estates in Los Altos and the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico.

"Our decision to create a new tequila brand grew out of just loving being with family," Rhett said in a statement. "Jeff and I wanted to create a tequila that was expertly crafted and could be enjoyed year-round – regardless of the season or activity – with the people we care about most. Dos Primos is all about who we are and what’s important to us."

"There’s no greater thrill or commitment than putting your name on something you believe in," Worn added. "Our names are more than just our reputation – they represent our legacy and our future. That’s not something Thomas Rhett and I take lightly. We are proud and we’re excited to introduce Dos Primos."

Dos Primos features earthy herbal notes followed by hints of smooth floral and citrus and is available in a 750 ml bottle in select U.S. markets now and nationwide soon. To learn more or to find a retailer near you, visit

On Monday, after the news was announced, Rhett used Instagram to share video of his friends and family participating in a tasting back in August 2018 to "find the universal best tequila in this batch." The singer shared that he and Worn came up with the idea on a ski trip six months prior to the tasting, "and here we are, working with a great company and tasting real deal tequilas."

Dos Primos is distilled at Destiladora González Lux, just outside the city of Arandas, Mexico, in the highlands of Jalisco. Third-generation Master Distiller Rodolfo González, who worked with Rhett and Worn to create the product, now oversees the distillation process.


"From field to bottle, my family’s lifelong passion for crafting superior tequila shines through in Dos Primos," González shared. "By blending agave from the highlands and the lowlands we created a smooth tequila that can be sipped or enjoyed in a cocktail. Dos Primos will be well-received by tequila aficionados and novices alike."

"My wife and I love to enjoy tequila together and I’m excited for people to share a bottle with friends, sip it around a bonfire or enjoy it on a fishing trip, tailgate or concert," Rhett said. "Dos Primos is about unwinding and enjoying the people and things that really matter in life."