'The Voice' Coaches Praise Blake Shelton's Baby-Sitting Skills on Set

The Voice might just have kicked off on Monday night (Feb. 25), but the four judges – Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and newcomer John Legend – have already spent plenty of time together. And since Levine, Clarkson and Legend are all proud parents, as is host Carson Daly, they've each gotten to bring their children on set, and witness firsthand how well Shelton does with their sons and daughters.

"I don't trust him really in any way except with that kinda stuff," Levine admitted to PEOPLE. "He's good with kids."

Shelton, who is over six feet tall, credits it all to his size.

"I am. I'm like a big jungle gym to kids," boasted Shelton. "If I'm in the room, [kids] are on my arms. They're hanging off my legs and punching my stomach because it jiggles. It's entertaining to them. You can always find the kids in the room if I'm there."

Part of the reason Legend signed on to do the reality TV talent show is so he could be with his own children, 2-year-old daughter Luna, and son Miles, 9 months.

"You get to work in Los Angeles where you live, and I get to see my kids all the time," Legend said. "It's actually quite nice."

Shelton met his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, while they were both coaches on The Voice. Although Stefani is no longer part of the show, she, along with her sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, enjoy visiting Shelton. Daly's own children, 10-year-old son Jackson, and daughters, Etta, 6, and London, 4, also stop by to see their dad. For that reason, Clarkson's 4-year-old daughter River and 2-year-old son Remy enjoy heading to The Voice, although not necessarily to hang out with their mom.

"My kids love coming to set not to see me, but to see Carson's kids or Gwen's kids 'cause they go to school together," Clarkson confessed. "I'd love to think they come to see me, but they don't!"

Clarkson might enjoy watching her children play with Legend's kids, but she admits she is intimidated by his talent.

"The sad part is I'd probably pick him over me," Clarkson told ABC News Radio. "'Cause he's just super talented. He's a very smart dude...musically, he's got a lot of things to offer. So he is my biggest threat this season, for me specifically."


The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tara Ziemba