Taylor Swift on New 'ME!' Single: 'Happiness Is Always Going to Be a Struggle'

Taylor Swift just released her latest single, "ME!", a collaboration with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie. The infectious, uptempo tune is reminiscent of what Swift became known for earlier in her career – a light-hearted look at life and love. But the 29-year-old admits that happiness for her, and likely everyone else, will sometimes be elusive.

"I think when we talk about being happy or loving yourself, those are all things that we feel sometimes and maybe this song is a glimpse of that moment when we do feel like that," Swift told Entertainment Tonight. "When we're having the best day, the sun is shining, it's going to be an okay day, everything's going to be good, I'm alright with myself."

"But I think one thing to always keep tabs on is the fact that we have to know that there is no 'happily ever after' where we're just happy forever," she continued. "Happiness is always going to be a struggle and a challenge we have to try and meet. Self-worth is always going to be something that it's a process of trying to get there. That's not naturally how we're going to feel all the time."

Ever since launching her country music career with her eponymous album in 2006, Swift has consistently put out a new record every two years, until now. The Pennsylvania native waited three years between her 2014 album 1989 and her latest album Reputation, released in 2017. While she hasn't announced any details surrounding her next album, she does acknowledge that she is no longer willing to keep herself to a certain timetable.

"There have been times where I needed to take years off because I just felt exhausted, or I felt like, really low or really bad," she said. "You never really have the same process making an album. Right now, thankfully, I feel really energized which I'm feeling really grateful for.

"It's not something that I take for granted – that I feel this energized and this excited about this new music – because now I know that's not always how you feel," added the singer. "Sometimes you can just feel really scared of everything, and so I'm very, very conscious of how I do feel about this new music and how there's such excitement surrounding it."

The video for "ME!" has already garnered more than 108 million views. Download the single on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Taylor Hill