Watch Sugarland Go Behind the Scenes in 'Babe' Video

Sugarland is taking fans behind the scenes of the video for their latest single, "Babe." The song, the second from their recent Bigger album, was written by Pat Monahan and Taylor Swift, with Swift also singing on the track, and appearing in the video.

The video, posted above, shows how cameras capture the angles and scenes in the vintage video, which was shot on the set of Mad Men.

"This was a fun concept for Jennifer [Nettles] and I to work with, since it was all set in the '60s," Kristian Bush says.

The video also stars Brandon Routh, an actor best known for his roles in Superman Returns and Arrow, among others.

"The concept is a married couple, who we think is the perfect married couple, and then we find out that the husband is a cheating cat, and that's me. I'm used to playing good guys, but I get to play a bad guy."

Nettles may not be a trained actress, but she certainly earned the praise of Routh for her complicated role.

"She has to do a really challenging thing," boasts Routh, "which is turn on a dime and show her happiness, but then show her despair and sadness at the fact that her husband has once again cheated on her."

It was Swift who sent "Babe" to Sugarland, and then offered to sing on the song with the duo.

"In a very generous gesture she first offered it and said, 'Look here is the song how I have presented it before. Listen to it. If that fits with what you're doing I'd be happy to be a part of this with you,'" Nettles says. "And so we were like, 'Taylor Swift's gonna sing on our record. OK, well, let's see.'"

Both Nettles and Bush were thrilled to have Swift on "Babe," although Bush admits it was a daunting challenge to make it all work.

"Here's a real conversation. How do these two voices fit together from a producer standpoint?" Bush asks. "That's a lot of the language I speak, because she has this particular voice and Jennifer has a particular voice and they're both very identifiable, which is kind of one of the fun things for me on this particular song. If you were to play it for someone who didn't know, at what point does the needle go, 'Oh! I know who that is.' And how fun is that?

"Wouldn't that be cool if somebody found Sugarland because they heard somebody that they went, 'Oh my gosh I love that. That's my favorite artist of all time,' suddenly found their way into our world?" he adds. "We accept."

Watch the completed video of "Babe" here. Download the song on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Christopher Polk