Exclusive Premiere: Stephanie Quayle Releases Lyric Video For 'Selfish'

Stephanie Quayle is sharing the lyric video for her sexy new single, "Selfish," exclusively with PopCulture.com readers first!

The song, with lines like "Wash my hair, blow it all out / For you to mess it up / I took an hour pickin' out this dress / You're gonna slip right off / Your friends ain't gonna call you / Cause I already let them know / Tonight I want you all to my own / I'm selfish," was inspired by her husband of two years, David Couch.

"'Selfish' is my anthem to my man," Quayle tells PopCulture.com about her husband, David Couch. "The song says it all ... I can't get enough of him! There is something really magical about watching a song connect with the fans. They are making it their own love letter between them and the one they love. This song is universal and bold. I love being the female voice behind these words."

"Selfish" is from Quayle's recent Love the Way You See Me album. The singer, whose sales made her one of the most successful debut female artists of the year, says that she finally found her true sound, and the artist she was meant to be, with Love the Way You See Me.

"I feel like I'm finally my whole self," Quayle shared with AXS about the release of Love the Way You See Me. "And I think that if anyone wanted to know who I am, they could listen to that album and they'd know."


Download Love the Way You See Me on iTunes.