'SNL': Morgan Wallen Parodies His Own COVID Mistakes in Sketch With Jason Bateman

Morgan Wallen served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live's most recent episode, which saw Jason Bateman as the host. As fans of the show are well aware, the country singer was originally scheduled to be the musical guest in an episode that aired about two months prior, but he was removed from the show after he was seen getting close with fans and subsequently violating COVID-19 safety protocols. Even though the situation was quite the messy one, Wallen laughed at himself during SNL, as the show featured a parody of his own mistakes that led to his dismissal from the show.

The sketch in question occurs at the University of Alabama about two months ago, which happens to be around the same date and location of Wallen's COVID-19-related violations. In the sketch, Wallen can be seen entering a college bar while screaming, "To no consequences!" One of the women in the bar, played by Chloe Fineman, then walks up to him to ask him for a kiss, an action which she wants to film. Wallen responds by saying that he's alright with her filming them kiss as long as she doesn't post it on social media. In turn, she says that she'll only post it on TikTok (you might recall that Wallen was removed from SNL after he was seen getting close with and even making out with fans, videos of which were posted on social media). Bateman then entered the scene as the "future Morgan Wallen" in order to stop him from partying.

Wallen doesn't fully believe his future self's warnings, as he says that "Lorne would never do that (remove him from the show)." But, Bateman responded that the situation would be out of the SNL producer's hands if Wallen is seen violating COVID-19 safety guidelines. The country singer says, "I don't want to screw up an opportunity like that. Or let my fans down. I guess I ought to leave this party then." However, future Wallen has other ideas. In other words, he believes that the two should stay for a little while longer to party just so that they can understand why it's so wrong to do.


After another future version of Wallen appears (in the form of Bowen Yang), Pete Davidson, portraying one of the singer's smoked-out fans, finally explains what's going on. He tells Wallen that everything will turn out alright in the end, as he will accept responsibility for his actions and he will be able to perform on SNL at a later date. Davidson specifically notes that he'll be able to perform on the show as, "There aren't many people willing to fly to New York right now." The sketch ends with Wallen performing a new song, "Focus on the Future," in which he thanks SNL for giving him another chance.