Scotty McCreery on Personal 'This Is It' Song: 'I Love Singing About Gabi'

Scotty McCreery seems poised to celebrate his second No. 1 hit, this time with "This Is It." The song was a personal one, written about his new wife, Gabi and sung at their summer wedding, with McCreery hinting that there are likely many songs in his future about his bride.

"It's been incredible," McCreery said of the song's success, speaking at a recent media event. "I think one of the things this song has done is invite the folks into our lives. Especially the music video. That was kind of our way of inviting everybody to the wedding, without inviting everybody to our wedding. We only had about 200 spots for friends and family."

"I love talking about Gabi," he continued. "I love singing about Gabi. She's my best friend. I wrote the song for her, and the fact I get to share that with everyone is wonderful."

The couple is learning how to live under one roof, which the American Idol alum says for the most part is going pretty well.

"Married life is awesome," McCreery boasted. "We really are a great team. It's a daily process of still figuring it out. We never lived together before now, so we're still getting the house together. We have a house in Raleigh, and that's where we live, and we come to Nashville to, to our condo. We really are a great team. I think we piggyback off of each other.

"When I'm on the road, she's getting things ready," he added. "When she's at work, I'm getting things ready at the house. The puppy coming into our life is kind of giving us another responsibility, and I think we're growing up and accepting that ... It's really been fun. We're really enjoying it."

Not that it's all been an easy adjustment. The 25-year-old reveals there is one part of married life Gabi isn't a fan of.

"I think my snoring is the biggest thing that she doesn't like," McCreery maintained. "I don't think I snore. There's no video evidence or anything, so I deny it. But she swears by it. I've got bruises on my back from getting kicked in the middle of the night, saying 'Wake up! Be quiet!' I think that's the main thing. We've got little pet peeves."

McCreery will spend the next few months on the road. Find dates his official website.

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Photo Credit: Getty images/ Rick Diamond