Scotty McCreery Calls 'In Between' One of His Favorites From Latest 'Seasons Change' Album

Scotty McCreery had two No. 1 singles, with both "Five More Minutes" and "This Is It," both from his latest Seasons Change album, released last year. But it's his current single, "In Between," which the American Idol alum says is his favorite from his latest project.

"I feel like this song was just kind of me talking with my writers that day about where I was at in life and who I was," McCreery told about the single, which he wrote with Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander and Jonathan Singleton. "I feel like that's what the song is about for everybody, just knowing who you are and being okay with it. That song, I feel like a lot of folks can relate to. So it's one of my favorites off the record."

McCreery is hoping for a third consecutive chart-topping single. While "In Between" has just been released, and has yet to crack the Top 40, the North Carolina native admits he obsesses over where his songs land on the charts.

"It's a nerve-racking thing," McCreery conceded. "I'm one of those guys that checks the chart every day. They tell you not to do that or you'll drive yourself crazy, but I can't help it."

McCreery has already been writing for his next project, even though he isn't sure when it will be released.

"It might be, probably, next year some time," said the singer. "We haven't even gotten in the studio or anything to start recording yet so who knows. But we're just getting ready, wanna always be prepared."

McCreery loves to write his own songs, but he doesn't feel like he needs to write every track on his records, even though he wrote all 11 tracks on Seasons Change.

"This last record, we just had five years to make a record, so I figured we could write twelve good songs in five years, hopefully," McCreery said. "But this next one, we're trying to get songs from everywhere."

The 25-year-old will have to juggle writing with time on the road, when he joins Old Dominion on the fall leg of their Make It Sweet Tour later this year. The tour takes McCreery from headliner to opening act – a change he gladly embraces.

"I love it. I mean, I love both," McCreery said. "I love when you're headlining and get an hour and a half for me to get out there and tell stories and connect with the crowd. For an opener, you're getting them warmed up for the headlining act, but you also get the chance to get introduced to new people that wouldn't come out and do shows or haven't been out to see you before.


"So, I love it," he continued. "It's a chance to just introduce yourself to new people, have fun. And it's normally like a 45-minute set, so you just get to pack a big punch and really get after it for 45 minutes."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Scott Dudelson