Scotty McCreery Celebrates Six Months of Marriage to Wife, Gabi

Scotty McCreery celebrated his six-month wedding anniversary to his wife, Gabi, with a sentimental post on social media.

(Photo: Instagram/scottymccreery)

"Today marks 6 incredible months with my beautiful bride, @gabimccreery!" McCreery shared on Instagram, along with a picture from their wedding day. "Feels like just yesterday we were up in the North Carolina mountains saying I do. Love you more & more every single day! Thanks for doing life with me!"

The newlyweds will celebrate their first Christmas together this year, which will also mark another first for the former American Idol champion.

"Every even year, the Dugals – which is my wife's family – they do a Dugal Christmas," McCreery noted. "So we're gonna be traveling this Christmas, over to Missouri. They've got family out in the Midwest. So it'll be my first Christmas away from home, but I'll still be with my wife and her family, and it'll be awesome."

The couple might be traveling, but Gabi made sure to start their own traditions this year as well.

"My wife's all about, too, driving to the mountains of North Carolina, picking out a tree, cutting it down ourselves, and taking it back home," McCreery revealed. "So, a lot of new traditions I think will be started this year."

The real tree is a departure from how McCreery celebrated Christmas in the past, but he's happy to do whatever his wife wishes.

"I've always had a fake tree, and Gabi is very real tree minded, so we're gonna go up in the mountains and pick our own tree, and bring it back home," McCreery told "For Christmas I think we're going to be going to New Orleans this year, and have a little Cajun Christmas with her family, so we're excited about that."

McCreery will also miss his grandmother's holiday dishes, which point back to his Puerto Rican roots.

"We always switch off my grandparents either Thanksgiving and Christmas," McCreery said. "But Grandma Paquita, she'll always make those Puerto Rican dishes, you know the beans and rice, or just, you name it, she's awesome at it."

"And they always have a train at their house," he added. "There's pictures of me growing up my whole life, just around the train at Grandma Paquita's house."

McCreery's current single, "This Is It," was inspired by Gabi, with the video footage of their actual wedding.

"It's our wedding song," McCreery said. "I sang it to her the night of our wedding. I don't think we could have had actors or actresses portraying that. It's our story, so it had to be us."

Download "This Is It" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/ Rick Diamond