Listen to Sam Hunt's New Single, 'Sinning With You'

Sam Hunt just dropped a brand-new song, 'Sinning With You.' The song, which Hunt teased on social [...]

Sam Hunt just dropped a brand-new song, "Sinning With You." The song, which Hunt teased on social media earlier in the week, is part love song, part confessional, and all classic Hunt. While it's not clear if Hunt's wife, Hannah Fowler, inspired the tune, with lines like, "Your body was baptized / So disenfranchised / I was your favorite confession," it seems likely that Hunt's bride of two years had something to do with the song's sexy lines.

Hunt announced after his performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve performance, which was panned by some of his fans due to his recent DUI arrest, that a new song was on its way. In an interview with Rolling Stone, which occurred before Hunt's legal woes, he explained that "Sinning With You" was rooted in his Georgia upbringing.

"It's a metaphor for a small town guy who was raised with traditional values, a lot of those rooted in church and faith," Hunt explained. "Most of the value systems that I grew up around are rooted in religion and church.

"You start to read books and talk to people who grew up in different backgrounds, and you try to collect that knowledge and find some meaning, some truth," he continued. "It speaks to the broader pursuit of truth and understanding, in terms of how you are supposed to live your life."

Hunt is grateful for his religious upbringing, even if he doesn't necessarily agree with all of the rules and regulations.

"I hope my parents filtered out some of that and hopefully I can filter out some of what they got wrong,"Hunt reasoned. "And when I have kids I'm sure I'll take on some of their biases that weren't necessarily pure, and my kids can purify that even more and continue to evolve."

"Sinning With You," along with "Kinfolks," will be on Hunt's upcoming album, his first since Montevallo was released in 2014. The length of time between records wasn't intentional, but necessary for Hunt due to the changes happening around him.

"It was a crazy time, in the political world," Hunt acknowledged. "All the bumps in the road as we progress as a society. I needed to figure out what part I was going to play in all that, and how I wanted to go about it. Is music the right direction? I had to sit and think about those things, because the world tells you that if you have this opportunity to make music and be on the radio and be rich and famous, you should do that, because people would kill to.

"But that's not enough of a reason," he added. "I wanted a deeper understanding of what I was doing, and why."

Photo Credit: Getty / Scott Dudelson