Ryan Hurd Praises Maren Morris' Decision to Speak Out: 'She Could Very Easily Say Nothing'

Ryan Hurd is praising his wife, Maren Morris, and her decision to speak out about the lack of females at radio. Hurd, who will celebrate one year of marriage to Morris on Sunday, March 24, acknowledges that Morris could have chosen to take the easy route, after her own music started catching on at radio. Instead, Morris chose to speak out – and to keep speaking out.

"I think everyone agrees that there should be more women played on country radio, but it is a complicated problem," Hurd acknowledged to AOL. "I'm really proud of Maren, because she could very easily say nothing and people would keep playing her on the radio, but she's choosing to use her very, very large platform to advocate for her peers, and I think that's cool. I don't have a fix, but there's so much great country music that's not being heard.

"You can point at Kacey Musgraves and men who are making awesome records, but the radio game is very specific," he continued. "Our genre is very loyal to those who have had hits and have done the work to promote those stations. There's a reason why we all go out and try to get on those stations, but sometimes just pointing at the problem helps the situation."

Hurd admits that, for better or worse, people are finally talking about it, which he hopes will eventually help find a solution.

"It's crazy to me that this is something that we talk about all the time," said Hurd. "Whenever we're doing a non-country interview, someone brings it up because people who have done a lot of work are shining a light on it, and I think that's great. I love country music and even the parts that other people outside of the genre might not love. I love simple music and I love that it meets a group of people right where they're at and I love where country music comes from and I love where it's going, and I think that's a hopeful place.

"I've dedicated my life to this," he added, "and I'm looking forward to the day where we don't have to answer that question."

Hurd is currently enjoying his own hit single at radio, with "To a T," which is nearing the Top 40, making it his most successful single at radio so far.


"I think it's something that country music listeners relate to, but also it's kind of said in a way that is really different that I haven't heard before," Hurd told PopCulture.com. "I think it's just a fresh take on something that most country listeners really can relate to."

Photo Credit: Getty images: Erika Goldring/WME IMG