Maren Morris Vows to Be the 'Squeaky Wheel' Until More Women Are Played at Radio

Maren Morris is one of the fortunate few female artists who have had success at radio in recent years, an accomplishment the singer doesn't take lightly. But while she is grateful for her success, Morris insists she won't be satisfied until other women are given the same opportunities as male artists.

"It's been a really great ride. I've learned so much about myself, and what I can withstand. What I can take and what I can't take," Morris said from stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where she was performing as part of her Girl: The World Tour. "2019, I have a feeling, in my mind, is going to be a turning point for a lot of key people, and women. I've been very fortunate enough to have my song played on radio the last couple years.

"But I also know so many of my friends, who are bada— and deserve to be on there are not," she added, "so I'm just going to keep being the squeaky wheel."

Morris related one, now humorous, incident where a man, who worked at radio, tried to discourage Morris from releasing her recent single "I Could Use a Love Song."

"I remember there was a guy who told me at one point – he worked for a radio station, not here, but he said that people don't want to hear women being sad on the radio," Morris recounted. "I'm pretty sure sad songs are what make the world go around, and built country music."

"I wanna know that I'm not alone in my broken heart," she continued. "I put this song out anyway, and it took 42 weeks at the chart to finally hit No. 1. But this was my first No. 1 song, and that guy doesn't have his job anymore."

Morris was joined during her show by Miranda Lambert and Natalie Hemby, who together sang Lambert's "Virginia Bluebell," from Lambert's 2009 Revolution album, as well as Morris' song, "I Wish I Was," from her freshman Hero album.

"I love this song," Lambert said before launching into their second tune.. "I love Maren Morris."


Brandi Carlile also made a surprise appearance, to sing "Common," from Morris' latest GIRL album. Cassadee Pope, who opened for Morris, returned to the stage at the end of the show, along with Lambert, Hemby and Carlile, to sing Morris' first single, "My Church," to close out the show.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Christopher Polk