Runaway June Reveal Freshman Album is Close to Completion

Runaway June, the trio made up of Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland and Naomi Cooke, is almost [...]

Runaway June, the trio made up of Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland and Naomi Cooke, is almost ready to release their freshman album. Almost. The group already released the Top 30 single, "Lipstick," and their current single, "Wild West," from their new set of tunes, which they hint could be out as early as this summer.

"We're getting close," Mulholland promises "We really are close. We just got a batch of songs back. We're working with Dann Huff now. We're going back with him in the studio very soon."

"We're thrilled with how the music is turning out," adds Cooke. "It's worth the wait, but it's coming. We're just as anxious, if not more. We're playing some of the songs out for people, and they're getting a great reaction. We're real excited. And we're very close."

Not that Runaway June has been idle while they wait for their album to be finished. The threesome spent a lot of time on the road last year, where they took plenty of notes.

"We started last year with Willie Nelson, and ended with Garth Brooks," Wayne says. "So it's just crazy. And then we went on tour with Jon Pardi and Midland, which was just a blast."

"There's so much to learn," continues Cooke. "We watch the sets every night and we've definitely stolen a few tricks from some people, which is great. But we've learned how to really gel with our own band, and seeing what kind of works in different environments, in all different types of crowds and all different sizes."

It was Brooks who had the most impact on Runaway June, more for what he did off-stage than on.

"Seeing how, for example, Garth Brooks treats his team and his people, it's such a great example for us," Wayne says. "He's such a class act. From him down to the very bottom, everybody's so nice, and everyone treats each other so nicely. It's really good to learn from somebody like that."

"That's why they are where they are," Mulholland maintains. "The bigger people we've ever opened for, they're all so humble and sweet, so that makes sense why they got there."

Runaway June got together first as songwriters, and began working on their album in 2016, but say they are hardly the three women they were in the beginning.

"There's been a lot of growth spurts," Cooke concedes. "A lot of business things; we're learning how to be businesswomen. I think that's probably been one of the biggest learning curves. We're taking care of a road family. We have a band, and we're responsible for everyone, and those can be challenging. But I really think it makes us bond, more than anything else would."

The women are friends first, and insist they rarely disagree. But if they are going to argue about something, it's going to be the thing they are the most passionate about.

"Music," Wayne reveals of the one thing they might disagree on. "It's so funny because we get along so well, as friends. But when it comes to making a setlist, or writing, or if we're in the studio, we all three have such strong, passionate personalities, and it's because we care about it. But that's the only time we're like, 'Well I think this should go first.' 'Well I think this should go first.' And that's really the only time we have rifts, is over music, because we're so passionate about it. And then we always end up figuring it out."

"We all have the same vision, but it is something we are all passionate about," Cooke says. "It gets emotional sometimes,but it's good. If the music wasn't good, it wouldn't bring that out in us, so we're fine to put it all on the table. And we really do compromise with each other ... We trust each other too, but that's the only place emotions get going."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/runawayjuneofficial