Runaway June Calls Carrie Underwood Their Entertainer of the Year After Garth Brooks Nabs Trophy

Long before the 2019 CMA Awards took place, Runaway June said Carrie Underwood deserved the Entertainer of the Year trophy. Underwood, who took Runaway June out as her opening act on her massive Cry Pretty Tour 360, was the only female nominated in the category, which included Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban and Garth Brooks, who took home the coveted trophy.

The trio, made up of Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland and Naomi Cooke, spoke out on social media, sharing a photo of their former tour boss.

"Our entertainer of the year," Runaway June posted, alongside of Underwood on the red carpet at the CMA Awards.

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"Not even a shout out," Cooke wrote underneath the post, after Brooks failed to mention Underwood in his acceptance speech. "So embarrassing."

Runaway June has been vocal about Underwood's worthiness of the Entertainer of the Year trophy, especially after spending so much time on the road with her.

"I can't think of someone else who's more deserving of Entertainer of the Year," Cooke told "It's time for Carrie Underwood to win that. She's definitely one of the biggest entertainers on earth, let's not forget that. And then this tour. I mean, I don't think anyone's had a bigger, more successful tour than her, and I think she's going to win it. I really, really do."

Only a few days before the CMA Awards, Runaway June predicted Underwood would win the Entertainer trophy.

"She's going to win it, one hundred percent," Cooke told "It's not because of the push for women. I really think that, had this been at any point in time and Carrie was up for this award, she would win it. She is incredible. That tour was unbelievable. She had one of the most expensive state-of-the-art light shows in the touring world, at the time. She's an excellent performer, entertainer. She's a superstar. She transcends country. I really think she's going to win it."

Runaway June wasn't the only country music act pulling for Underwood. Miranda Lambert also claimed that Underwood was the most deserving of the Entertainer of the Year award.

"I'm a huge fan of everyone in that category," Lambert told Fox News. "But if you think about someone who hosted the CMAs pregnant, then started an all-female tour and then had a baby and then went right back on the road three months later... She has a brand, Calia by Carrie Underwood, and it lifts up women. She does Monday Night Football. I just feel like as a whole Entertainer of the Year should be someone that entertains in all facets of music."


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