Reba McEntire Shares Another Update on Potential 'Reba' Reboot

Reba McEntire's fans have continued to watch and enjoy her sitcom, Reba since its series finale in 2007, and the country icon appears to feel the same way. In a new interview with Taste of Country Nights, McEntire discussed the show with hosts Evan Paul and Amber Atnip, sharing that she would be all-in for a potential reboot.

"I'd even like to do a reboot of the Reba TV show," she said. "That would be a lot of fun because we had so many stories we were wanting to tell when they canceled us, so we were shocked." Reba ran from 2001-2007 on The WB and The CW and starred McEntire as Reba Hart, a mom of three whose ex-husband Brock (Christopher Rich) left her to marry his dental hygienist Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman), who became pregnant during their affair. The show is now in syndication in CMT, Freeform and Hulu.

"We had no idea why they canceled us," McEntire revealed. "We were a huge success, so it was a head-scratcher for us. So to come back now... that amount of time, that time spread, we'd have a lot of stories to tell." The singer added that she "would love" to do another sitcom in general, but it seems she's especially keen on a new iteration of Reba, which she has been discussing for several years.

"We'd love to, as a matter of fact, we've been texting each other," she told Hoda Kotb on the Today show in May of a potential reunion. "Melissa Peterman started it out and we're all talking, hoping to get back together. We miss each other. It was a fun group to get to play with, work with, so we'd love to do it. Even if it's two-hour movie or a... I don't know, whatever. We'd love to get back together. They're wonderful people."

In 2017, she told Entertainment Tonight that there had been talks of reviving the show. "There have been some in the past and hopefully some in the future too," she said. "We'd love to do it."

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During the coronavirus pandemic, McEntire and Peterman filmed a virtual reunion, sharing a short video depicting how their characters would have handled being in quarantine. The clip began with Peterman as Barbra Jean calling McEntire on the phone from inside her closet before McEntire as Reba Hart appeared in her pantry. "Reba & Barbra Jean Social Distancing," McEntire captioned the video.