Reba McEntire Releases Updated Video for 'What If' Featuring Essential Workers

Reba McEntire has shared an updated music video for her song "What If," which was first released in 1997. The new video features much of the same footage as the original, including McEntire singing in a warehouse accompanied by a gospel choir, but is interspersed with new clips of essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus wearing masks and other protective equipment. The video features nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers and other workers as well as everyday citizens.

"This song is as relevant today as it was 23 years ago," McEntire said in a statement. "That’s the power of a great song and Diane Warren is no stranger to writing great songs. Even though we may not be able to physically reach out with just one hand right now, we can still be there for each other and take care of our neighbors, essential workers and medical professionals. Re-releasing this song and updated video with its message of care, hope and love felt like the right thing to do. Maybe we still can change things."

"What If," originally released as a promotional single to benefit the Salvation Army, was written by Diane Warren and imagines what the world would be like if everyone came together. "What if everybody, what if everybody reached out with just one hand?" McEntire sings. "What if everybody, what if everybody sang out with just one voice? / Maybe we could change things." The song is now available for the first time on digital platforms and can be streamed here.

In addition to her new video, McEntire recently lifted fans' spirits amid the pandemic with a mini reunion of her sitcom Reba when she teamed up with former co-star Melissa Peterman for a sketch imagining what their characters would be doing in quarantine. The short clip began with Peterman as Barbra Jean filming from inside her closet to send a virtual message to her friend Reba.


"Girl, I'm going crazy. I'm hiding in a closet right now because Brock and Henry are driving me bananas," she said. "They have painted a giant checkerboard on the living room floor, and then they're using frozen pizzas as checkers. I had to trade in all my Beanie Babies for toilet paper, and every day, I've started turning clocks back, like, 15 minutes so I can start drinking earlier!"

Reba responded with a video from inside her pantry and told Barbra Jean, "Kids have been wanting me to play games all day long. I've played more games than you can imagine! You know how much I like games, but I'm sick of it. Sick of it!"