Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus Praises Band Members for Supporting His Christian Record Label (Exclusive)

When Rascal Flatts' member Jay DeMarcus decided to launch his Christian music label, Red Street Records, he had the full support of his fellow band mates, Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney. As the label heads into its second year, with the recent signing of two new acts, DeMarcus couldn't be happier with the way LeVox and Rooney continue to support his separate endeavor.

"They've been very, very supportive," DeMarcus boasted to PopCulture.com. "We grew up together and [LeVox] followed my career path when I was in East to West, my first Christian band, and that's long before I knew he even sang, so he's always been very supportive. Joe Don is too. I think that all of us realized that as individuals outside of the band, we have different interests and different things that we wanna pursue professionally, and that we're capable of.

"Those guys have other gifts too that I'm sure that they'll explore in the future and do other things outside of what the Flatts is,' he added. "And I think it just makes what we do as Rascal Flatts mean even more when we're together."

Red Street Records just signed The Voice alum Reagan Strange and rising star Cade Thompson, both Christian artists. But DeMarcus hints he may eventually extend his label into the country music genre as well.

"I don't think there's anything keeping me from doing that eventually," said the singer. "I just wanted to be successful at something first and not bite off more than I could chew out of the gate, but hopefully some day, good Lord willing, if this goes the way we all think and hope that it will, then I'll be able to branch out and do something in country music too.

"My heart is still huge for country music, and I love good country music," he continued. "I would love the opportunity to sign some artists that I believe in. But you know, first thing's first. I've gotta make sure that I'm doing my due diligence here with the Christian label first, and we'll see how it goes and what other doors may open."

Red Street Records also has Avalon and Lauren James. No word yet when Strange or Thompson will release new music.


Rascal Flatts is also working on a new music as well. Updates will be posted on the band's website as available.

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond