RaeLynn Excited to Spend Thanksgiving With Military Husband Josh

RaeLynn's husband, Joshua Davis, is a member of the military, which means he's often away from home and his wife of nearly three years. However, this Thanksgiving, RaeLynn is more than a little excited to see her husband as she shared with PEOPLE at a pre-CMA Awards listening lounge in Nashville recently.

“He’s training at the moment, but I get to see him for Thanksgiving,” she said. “I’m counting down the days for next week to spend some time with him.”

Her role as a military wife now means that both RaeLynn and her husband have to make sacrifices, but the "Tailgate" singer couldn't be more proud of Davis' choice.

“There’s a level of sacrifice that you have to do as a military spouse that the average person might not have to do,” she said. “You can’t talk to your significant other all the time. There’s the fear of when they do deploy, of not seeing them again and that underlying fear of just hoping that they’re okay.”

“He’s doing something so honorable, and I’m just so proud of him,” she added of her husband. “He’s absolutely incredible.”

Davis isn't the only member of RaeLynn's family to have served in the military, with the singer revealing that service runs in her family.

“My husband is currently serving," the 24-year-old shared. "My brother just got out, but he’s been serving for eight years. He’s been in Okinawa, Japan, and my papa served in World War II."

RaeLynn and Davis married in February 2016, and Davis began basic training in February 2017. Because the couple now spends so much time away from each other, RaeLynn shared that she's come to appreciate the moments they do get to spend together.

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(Photo: Instagram / @raelynnofficial)

“When you have time apart you realize how much you need the person that you’re married to,” she said. “I will never take a moment with my husband for granted ever. I will never get upset over petty things because that stuff doesn’t matter — life is too short. That’s the biggest thing I’ve realized: how amazing a relationship we do have.”

Davis is now home, and over the weekend, the two celebrated a friend's wedding, with RaeLynn posting a sweet snap of herself and her husband on Instagram to share the moment.


"He’s my heart... Ready to celebrate the love birds!" she wrote.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @raelynnofficial